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Page 02 - Podcast - Spotlight

podcast spotlight

  1. Cats
  1. Spider Silk
  2. Dogs and Humans
  3. Birth Order Theory
  4. Teenage Behavior
  5. Doing Good is Good for You
  6. Why Do I Sneeze?
  7. Why Do I Hiccup?
  8. The Keys to Long Life
  9. Save The Butterflies
  10. The Science of Being Cute
  11. The Science of Breaking Up
  12. The Secret of Ein Gedi
  13. Bringing Animals Back to Life
  14. Falling in Love
  15. Cats Helping Angry Babies
  16. Choosing A Name
  17. The Miracle Cure for Hunger
  18. The Baby Box
  19. The Importance of Play
  20. Arctic Winter Games
  21. Traditional Sports
  22. Earning Money?
  23. Living Without Money
  24. Cats on the Internet
  25. The Internet and Social Change in Indonesia
  26. Selfies: Pictures of Yourself
  27. Graffiti: Crime or Art?
  28. Chinese Seal Carving
  29. Plastic Bag Art
  30. Elephant Whisperer
  31. Imagined Body Problems
  32. Changing Skin Color
  33. The Desert Flower: Waris Dirie
  34. Tattoos: Body Art
  35. Thin Models
  36. Monogamy: Mating for Life
  37. Jewelry Around the World
  38. Ring Those Bells
  39. Crying for Health
  40. Bananas, the World’s Favourite Fruit
  41. Choosing A Name
  42. Breakfast: The First Meal
  43. Cheating in Schools
  44. Strange Jobs
  45. The Amazing Life of Helen Keller
  46. Passion for Living
  47. Spider Silk
  48. The Christmas Story
  49. Seaspeak
  50. Good Rules for the Internet
  51. Perfume: Making a Good Smell
  52. Kinshasa Symphony
  53. Communicating with Whales
  54. Famous Bells Around the World
  55. Birth Order Theory
  56. Measuring a Happy Planet
  57. Future of Music
  1. SPOTLIGHT Listen and Read - index
    Spotlight is a daily 15 minute radio program. It uses a special English method of broadcasting. This makes Spotlight easier for many people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.



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