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Page 04 - Audio books 61-80
  1. Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Poems
  2. The Olive Fairy Book - A collection of traditional tales.
  3. Oliver Twist - Oliver Twist is Charles Dickens' second novel.
  4. Peter Pan - Also known as the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up
  5. Peter Rabbit and Other Stories - Collected here are the stories of Peter Rabbit, his brothers and sisters, and many other animals.
  6. The Picture of Dorian Gray - A suspense novel by Oscar Wilde
  7. The Pink Fairy Book - A collection of traditional tales.
  8. Poems and Limericks of Edward Lear
  9. The Prince - A political guidebook for the ruling of autocratic regimes.
  10. The Professor - Charlotte Brontë's first novel.
  11. Pygmalion - It tells the story of H. Higgins, a professor of phonetics.
  12. The Red Badge of Courage - By Stephen Crane
  13. Romeo and Juliet - An early tragedy by William Shakespeare
  14. The Secret Garden - The Secret Garden (1909) is one of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s most popular novels.
  15. The Snow Queen - A fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen
  16. Silas Marner - A dramatic novel following the life of Silas Marner
  17. The Open Boat - Based on an actual incident from S. Crane’s life.
  18. The Outdoor Girls in Florida - A story of adventure following a group of girls (Amy, Mollie, Betty, and Grace)
  19. The Scarlet Letter
  20. Seven O’Clock Stories - Seven O’Clock Stories is a collection of children’s stories about Marmaduke, the Jehosophat, and the Toyman.

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