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  1. #1443 Big Wednesday - It’s Bad Karma Brother, Mick Fanning Shark Attack, Folks
  2. #1442 Hart Of Dixie, Tribeca, Soho, Turkish Popsicle Stick Gang, Purgatory, Patreon
  3. #1441 Avocado On Corn Chips
  4. #1440 Verbs With Cats - Play, Drink, Hide, Read, Have A Nap
  5. #1439 Carly Simon - You’re So Vain, No Peas For POTUS, Strategically, Condescending, Apricot
  6. #1438 Vsauce, Collateral + Derived Adjectives, Jamais Vu, Missing Comma Court Case
  7. #1437 This Video Will Make You Realize You’ve Been Learning English The Wrong Way Your Whole Life
  8. #1436 Silver Linings Playbook, Or What, Inappropriate, University Hires Lego Professor
  9. #1435 Scandal - What Are You Drinking? Same-Sex Marriage Legal In US, Inseparable
  10. #1434 Mojito
  11. #1433 Verbs With Cats - Glare, Wait, Wink, Look, Dream
  12. #1432 Kavalier Calm, Attached At The Hip, A Bee In Your Hand, Blackboards From 1917
  13. #1431 Robbie Sherrard - Reading To Children, Chris Pratt Not Impotent, A Tough Call
  14. #1430 Suffrage Vs Suffering, Pronunciation Manual, Google + Levi’s Make Smart Pants
  15. #1429 The Bourne Identity - I Thought Maybe, Saved By Taylor Swift Bracelets, Scam
  16. #1428 Nashville, On Her Radar, Co Actually Means With, Bingo Player Arrested, Y'all
  17. #1427 Nira Chijimi
  18. #1426 Verbs With Cats - Lie, Lick, Sniff, Jump, Poke
  19. #1425 Avalanche City - You And I, FIFA U20 World Cup, The Last Thing Grandpa Said To Me
  20. #1424 Growing Cranberries, Contrary, Bog, Wetsuits That Look Like Suits, Perennial
  21. #1423 Word Generator, Sarah Plays Charades, “Dead” Man Moves, Flippant
  22. #1422 Easy Rider, Bigotry, You Dig?, Helluva, Artist Sells Other People’s Instagram Photos
  23. #1421 HIMYM Bachelorette Party, So Glad To Finally Meet You, Candidate Gets No Votes
  24. #1420 Tofu On Toast
  25. #1419 Verbs With Cats - Scratch, Relax, Squint, Stare, Smile
  26. #1418 FourFiveSeconds, Had Enough, Wildin’, Spaz, Waffle Assault, Optimist, Job Interview
  27. #1417 C.G.P. Grey - What Is Reddit?, On The Off Chance, NZ PM Ponytail Pulling, Enraging
  28. #1416 No Ragrets, Very British Problems, You’re A Donkey, Livid, Anzac Giant Poppy
  29. #1415 Anchorman - I Did Over 1000, Company, Feeble, Gone With The Wind Dress
  30. #1414 The O.C. - Find The Stud, iPhone Vs Android Fight, Tool
  31. #1413 Tempeh
  32. #1412 Verbs With Cats - Walk, Stretch, Yawn, Sit, Sleep
  33. #1411 Des’ree - Life, I’d Rather Have Toast, Success Kid, Shiver, Superstitious
  34. #1410 Onism, Dormant, Baggage Handler Naps In Cargo Hold, Assume
  35. #1409 Patch, Tapastic, Sarah’s Scribbles, Procrastinate, Model Accidentally Gives Away Car
  36. #1408 Airplane! Don’t Call Me Shirley, Not Important Right Now, Obama + Castro Shake Hands
  37. #1407 Two And A Half Men - Behoove, Ducks In A Row, Turkish Mayor: Respect The Robot
  38. #1406 Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
  39. #1405 Prepositions With Cats - In, On, Under
  40. #1404 Taylor Swift - Starbucks Lovers?, Blurred Lines Lawsuit, Reckless, New Money
  41. #1403 Crafting A Joke, I Am A Kennedy - Google Me, Bit, Bill Burr
  42. #1402 How To Reply To Thank You, Selfie Stick Ban, Gumboot, Sweet As
  43. #1401 Nightcrawler, Heavy Digits, Tag Team, Stoned Rabbits
  44. #1400 Gilmore Girls - Where Did All The Anvils Go?, Acquire, The Dress, Ubiquitous


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