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Indirect speech

Tenses in reported speech - 1

01.- "I am going to do judo."
He told us he going to do judo
02.- "Who do you play with?"
My father asked me who I with.
03.- "It was a wonderful time."
They said it a wonderful time.
04.- "I have never seen a comet."
She said she never seen a comet.
05.- "I must help my father."
He told me he help his father.
06.- "Who has drunk the water?"
Susan asked who the water.
07.- "Don't park here!"
The police told me there.
08.- "You should listen to the teacher."
He said I listen to the teacher.
09.- "Have you got the keys?"
My mum asked if I the keys.
10.- "Why didn't you play with us?"
They asked why I with them.